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My Journey to Scooping the Reader’s Choice Award by Sumana Khan

Do you remember Jan 2020? It was like fifty years ago. Back in that hoary past I had decided that 2020 was going to be my “stress-free” year. My doctoral viva would be done by…

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My Writing Process by Wenyan Lu

I write novels. Occasionally I write short stories and poems when I have some ideas which aren’t big enough to base a novel on. They might grow over time, but I would see them…

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How I Write by Aisha Phoenix


I write speculative fiction – literary fantasy, dystopian stories, science fiction and fables. Much of my work centres characters of colour and explores issues…

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Five tips on creative writing

Heather Marks is an online content coordinator for Words of Colour Productions, a creative communications agency which develops and platforms writers of colour in the…

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Mahsuda Snaith’s Top 5 Writing Tips

1. Your greatest teachers are other books

The one thing I love about writing is you don’t have to pay lots of money to get better at it (although people try). Get a book from …

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