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Tutorials for writers

2012 shortlisted writer and creative writing tutor Katy Massey led a series of writing development courses on behalf of the Prize in Leeds and Liverpool. We’ve collated these great resources for writers from Katy. These short videos and handouts cover Beginning Fiction, Building Your Story and Finishing Your Story.

Resources for writers

Beginning Fiction

Download tutor Katy Massey’s guide to beginning fiction – there is also an exercise you can download to help guide you through some of the choices you make when beginning fiction.

This short video introduces some of the themes of the day’s course:

Building Your Story

Download Katy’s guide to building your story – there is also a scene chart to use to help you plan your story’s structure, scene by scene.

This short video outlines the day’s themes:

Finishing Your Story

Download Katy’s guide to finishing your story, or her dialogue exercise to help you build convincing characters and plots.

This short video outlines the workshop’s themes:

Additional resources

Our partners at Inscribe have put together a really helpful factsheet on how to develop your writing, including tips and further resources for support. Download a copy here.