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Please join us for the 2020 award ceremony!

One of the few silver linings of this year’s pandemic is the fact that we are able to welcome a bigger audience to join us for the 2020 Prize award ceremony – we would be delighted if you can celebrate with us!  The event will go live this Friday 16 October at 11am on YouTube – during the broadcast, you will be able to interact through the comments and we hope you really enjoy finding out more about the Prize, hearing the shortlisted authors read their work and, crucially, to find out who has won 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize in this year’s competition, as well as the SI Readers’ Choice winner.

The link for the event is here – please do spread the word, as we would love to have as many people as possible join us to celebrate these fantastic writers.  If you are unable to watch the premiere at 11am, the video will remain on YouTube for you to catch up on at leisure.  Look forward to seeing you then!